Asterion Qualifies for ESEA Mountain Dew League season 27

While most people are preparing for the extra long Christmas weekend we at Asterion have gotten the best Christmas present we could have wished for. After waiting for more than a week whether we would qualify for the ESEA Mountain Dew League or not we finally got an official statement from both ESEA and HLTV: Asterion has managed to qualify for the next Mountain Dew League season!


The ESEA Mountain Dew League, MDL in short, is one of the more prestigious leagues within the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene with big names in it including: Virtus.Pro, Flipsid3 Tactics and Gambit Gaming. For Asterion this will be the ultimate proving grounds for 2018 and we can’t wait for the first matches to start!


The qualification process wasn’t easy for our team. To reach the top four of the qualification tournament we had to beat one of the best Finish squads: HAVU. This proved to be a real challenge as we won the match 2-1 in map score. We took the first map with a close score of 16 – 13. The second map, however, was taken by HAVU with a 14 – 16 score. The third map started out with a 0 – 7 scorelead for HAVU. All Asterion management members and players from other teams were afraid everything was lost and we had to wait for the next season, however, the team managed to get themselves back together and win the last map with a 16 to 13 scoreline.


Statement from Amon Havers – Managing Director at Asterion:

When we first signed these five players we never thought they would qualify for the Mountain Dew League in the exact same season. These guys beat some of the best Counter-Strike teams against all odds. This has proven to me we want to carry on and work with those players to reach an even higher level!


Statement from Enzo “Fearoth” Mestari – Team captain of Asterion CS:GO:

I am very happy and proud of my team. Qualifying to MDL was our goal and reaching it means a lot to us. We now have to face new thrilling challenges as we will keep learning and improving through MDL and upcoming competitions. We all are friends and competitors in the team and that success will for sure strengthen us for the future!

We will now take a small break during holidays and enjoy the end of the year to come back in good shape for next season.


More information on the next ESEA MDL season will be announced soon.

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