Asterion announces new Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive Lineup

After a small hiatus within the CSGO aspect of esports we’re delighted to present our new line-up for the upcoming year. After much trial and error finding the correct line-up the last years and witnessing the exponential growth we felt inclined and eager to be part of this movement again. As we’re always on the look-out to grow and nurture talented young players we came in contact with Peter and his line-up. Having looked closely to Peter’s career and what he can achieve on his own as a manager, we feel that he is an excellent addition to the staff.


Statement Amon – Managing Director, Asterion

Even though we haven’t had a lineup ever since the last season of ESEA we have always been on the look for five awesome players whose results are in line with our current goals of competing on an international level.

The former SmokeCriminals squad fits perfectly in our image and aligns with the prestige we currently have with Amsah in Super Smash and Harstem in Starcraft II. With first place in ESEA Main and high placing results in different qualifiers we are sure this lineup will reach high placements within different events very soon.


Statement Peter – Coach, CS:GO Team

We are thrilled to be playing under the flag of Asterion Amsterdam! We took our time to pick the perfect two players to complete our line-up. We showed what we were capable of doing in such a short period of time in the ESEA Main season, and we are not done yet!

We took the offer that Asterion gave us very seriously and took our time to establish a solid basis to work from between the team and the organisation.

With their help we are driven to perfection and able to compete not only from our homes, but at the biggest LAN events as well!


Statement Fear – Captain, CS:GO Team

I am happy to work alongside Asterion. Our lineup is new and composed of young talents from five different countries and we have a lot of time ahead of us.

We are slowly working through our map pool to get ready for the upcoming qualifiers, playoffs and events. Playing for Asterion will allow us to go further in that process by attending LANs all over Europe with a managing team backing us up so that we only have to focus on our game.


Recent placements:

– 3th/4th place IEM Oakland Open Qualifier.

– 1st place for the MakeMyBet Championships #1 Open Qualifier.

– 5th/8th place Farmskins WCA 2017

We from Asterion are happy to have such young and talented players among our ranks and we’re eager to see them grow. With their previous achievements and their upcoming goals, dedication and lan schedule we want to compete among the best and we believe working with them is what right for Asterion as well. 






PeterG (Coach):

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