Asterion Partners with Mijndomein

Amsterdam, June 21 2017 – Asterion partners with Mijndomein

When we had our initial introductions in early february we from Asterion felt that we found a partner with the same vision that is necessary to continue our growth. The support from Mijndomein is a stepping stone for us to venture further in Esports and allows us to facilitate and sustain our development.

With the current exponential growth in Esports we know that with the support, knowledge and experience from Mijndomein that together we are capable of setting a precedent for the future. We’re therefore delighted and excited to announce our partnership with Mijndomein and look forward to working together.

Amon Havers – Managing Director of Asterion:

“I am very proud to welcome Mijndomein to our fast growing team. Nothing is more important than having a web-destination for our fan base and players to come to and Mijndomein will help us with the best web hosting service available in The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to building the Asterion brand even further with Mijndomein’s support!”

Leon van der Kolk – Online marketeer & responsible for eSports within Mijndomein

“Esports becomes more popular, also amongst our customers. With this deal we give space to a new initiative bringing Esports to a higher level in the Netherlands. We also believe in Asterion’s capabilities to integrate our services into the Esports business and are looking forward to our collaboration.”

About Asterion:

Asterion is the biggest and fastest growing Esports team in The Netherlands. Currently Asterion fields teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros: Melee, Starcraft II and Hearthstone.

About Mijndomein:

Since its foundation in 2003, Mijndomein has grown to a company active in domain registration, webhosting, private lease and bonds. As a challenger Mijndomein aims for markets where traditional companies are calling the shots. By creating less overhead, making things easier and supporting their customers online Mijndomein is able to give quality service for a better price. Mijndomein has approximately 200.000 active customers in their portfolio.




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