Asterion Amsah goes to HFLAN in Paris!

256 players, 128 teams, 1 victor. This coming weekend our very own Amsah “Amsah” Augustuszoon (@TheRealAmsah) will be competing to take it all home in France’s HFLAN ‘Melee Edition 2017’.

Amsah will be taking on the likes of Liquid “Chillindude” and Alliance “Armada” this weekend in his quest to bring home glory and the First Place Prize.

After fielding recent success in the likes of the Dutch Comic Con, Amsah is looking to keep adding to his collection of titles this weekend. There will be talent from all over the world coming to one country, one city and one Arena to fight it out; and Amsah will not go down easily.

The event begins on April 15th and ends the following day (Sat-Sun). We hope to have all your support for Amsah and Asterion!

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