Asterion Signs International Super Smash Bros: Melee Star Amsah!

Today is a special day for us where a lot of hard work and dedication come together to begin a fruitful year. Our initial talks with Amsah have been very successful and noticed that our goals as organisation aligned with his personal vision and his future goals. We feel that we could bring Amsah to a level where he could set a foundation for the future of the game and his fellow players here in the Benelux. Without further ado we’re happy to announce Amsah as our Super Smash Bros: Melee player where he will be attending these tournaments at first in 2017:

  • Genesis 4
  • EVO 2017
  • Dreamhack Summer
  • Dreamhack Winter
  • This list will be expanded during this year.


    About Amsah:

    For years Amsah has been considered to be the best Super Smash Bros: Melee player of Europe. Because he never had the chance to visit American tournaments he never got the official title of best Super Smash Bros: Melee player in the world. Recently Amsah has been recognized as official number 58 player in the world according to SSBM Rankings and Red Bull.


    Thomas Duitsch – eSports Director Asterion:

    Our first meeting with Amsah was one for in the books. He came by our office and showed a certain excitement in his eyes that i’ve seen before in the best of players. His mentality of practice, practice and some more practice was humbling to experience and he showed us why us working together could set a strong path for the future. I think together we are more than capable to dictate a strong 2017.”


    Amon Havers – Managing Director Asterion:

    This is a great opportunity for both Amsah and Asterion and I’m delighted we can announce our first international competing player. We’ve worked hard to achieve this partnership and look forward to sending Amsah to his first event under our wings.”

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      • Roy Rodgers
        January 20, 2017
        6:18 pm

        WoW. I don’t know your company yet. I know Amsah. Great personality. I’m sure this is a win-win combination. Good luck!


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