Asterion Signs New CS:GO Team from UK

We have an exciting year ahead of us and we’re happy to announce our new UK CSGO

team. The team consists of a familiar trusted name to the Asterion team, Charlie

“K1NDEADLY” Weber whom previously played for us. Weber has proven to be a strong

addition to the organisation and has showed great effort in finding the right people to

surround him with. With pride we present you:

Charlie “K1NDEADLY” Weber

Curtis “resice” Gooch

Villiam “villiG-” Andrascik

Patryk “RVMIRXZ” Bastrykin

Kevin “ViztA” Kolomainen

Charley “Charley” Walker (Sub)


Statement of Thomas Duitsch, Asterion eSports Director:

New year, new adventure and new ventures. The UK CS:GO scene are new grounds for us

to cover and we will take a slow and meticulous approach for our team. We’re creating a

foundation for our new players to work on and use their combined experience to set a

precedent for the future and the scene. Our first step into international waters are always the

most exciting ones and we are eager for future results.


Statement of the Team:

First of all, we are all really thankful to be given the chance to represent a great organisation

like Asterion esports. We are all motivated and looking forward to improving and gaining

ground on other good teams. If you are interested in our fortunes, you can follow us

competing in ESEA UK Open, the upcoming CEVO League and any other cups & qualifiers


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