Asterion signs League of Legends Academy Team

Because of the big growth the Benelux region is currently making in eSports Asterion added a second, academy, League of Legends team to their line-up.

We think it’s important to strengthen our organisation by adding players who are not only great at playing the game but are also great at entertaining an audience as well as developing connections with other players within the League of Legends pro scene.

The fresh team will work closely with our already existing main team to set up new tactics and training schedules for the upcoming Benelux competition recently launched by ESL. The second team will also be active at Dutch LAN events.

The new line-up consists of the following players:
Top: Dean “Aboekra” Manuputty
Jungle: TBD
Mid: Max “Raqo” Temminck
ADC: Wouter “Grackly” Beima
Support: Denis “Pagga” Melnikov

A quote from Amon Havers, Managing Director at Asterion:
“I see great potential in the new team. Because I have been working with Raqo since the beginning of Asterion I think this team will not only help us expanding our brand in the Benelux scene but will also strenghten the relationships between all the players and management at Asterion.”

A quote from Max “Raqo” Temminck, Team captain of Asterion’s second team:
“Because of the already established brand Asterion has in the Benelux eSports scene we’ll be able to grow much faster than we would have normally. Working together with one of the best Benelux teams can increase our skillcap and speed up our performance while we are training.”

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